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TIPS Web Hosting and Managed Services

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LABUSA is now an Awarded Vendor through the TIPS Purchasing Cooperative. As an Awarded Vendor, LABUSA offers TIPS Members the opportunity to purchase products at discounted pricing without the delay and expense of going out to bid. Through the TIPS program, LABUSA is able to save agencies both time and money, while delivering Website Hosting and Managed Services.

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Ordering Information

Contract No. 190701 & 200302

Point of Contact: Martin Laster

Office: 281-393-8003  |  Toll-Free: 1-888-842-7003

Email: | Fax Number: 630-570-5300


Please reference 'TIPS Contract' when requesting a quote.


IT Professional Services

Our consulting and professional services focus on advising and helping businesses meet their goals by leveraging information technology. We provide the estimating, managing, implementing, deployment, and administration of IT systems. We can assist clients for short or long-term projects, for full time staff augmentation and mission-critical support issues.

  • Consulting, product selection, and technology planning.
  • Deployment and outsource consulting services.
  • Emergency response, helpdesk, and on-call technology support.
  • Staff augmentation and IT project staffing.
  • Network architecture design and implementation services.
  • Application development and programming support.
  • System, database, and network administration.

Cloud and Server Hosting

It is our goal to provide clients with the security, choice, and management of cloud computing that enables them to be more innovative and agile in their organization. Throughout the transition of build, migrate, manage, secure, and optimize in cloud environments, we sever as trusted advisors and support resources for our client.

We assist with the public, private, and hybrid topologies. Our support enables cost savings, allows you to free internal resources, and provide a pipeline for future-proof technology.

  • Custom and Unique Design
  • Complete Deployment
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML
  • Website accessibility design and consulting.
  • Team of Expert Designers and Developers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Content Management System Available
  • Google Friendly Sitemap.
  • Mobile Responsive Options.

Website Hosting Services

LABUSA provides clients with the security, choice, and management of website hosting that enables them to be more innovative and agile in their organization.

Organizations benefit from not having the routine management of severs, anti-virus, and spam filtering software. Listed below is the description of the service offered.

  • Custom and Unique Design
  • Complete Deployment
  • Complete W3C Certified HTML
  • Website accessibility design and consulting.
  • Team of Expert Designers and Developers.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Content Management System Available
  • Google Friendly Sitemap.
  • Mobile Responsive Options.

Website Support Services

We understand getting a website developed and launched takes effort. However much of the work really comes after the website is up and running. Routine maintenance, security updates, speed optimization, monitoring and other updates does not allow business owners to focus on ther core business.

That is why LABUSA provides 24/7 website maintenance services for seriouos business owners.

  • Custom and Unique Design
  • Page Management
  • Competent site administrator
  • Creative design and layout strategies
  • Team of Expert Designers and Developers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile Responsive Options
  • Simple Workflow and Publishing Controls
  • Cost effective conversion of static website to dynamic site
  • Tiered Permissions That Suit Your Organization

Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is an Internet based software that allows you to build professional website really fast. LABUSA provides web-solutions integrating the main open source CMS leaders in the market – WordPress, Joomla or Drupal – in order to increase scalability and robustness, ease the ability to deal with maintenance and upgrades, and reduce the overall project cost.

Our dedicated engineers are ready to assist you with your project right from inception through deployment as well us ongoing support.

  • Initial site health analysis
  • Backup of site files and database (daily, weekly and monthly)
  • Google Analytics installation
  • Update CMS plugins/modules
  • 24/7 wbeiste content updates
  • Website accessibility design and consulting.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly updates
  • 24/7 website monitoring.
  • Advanced support

Domain Name Service (DNS)

LABUSA provides fast, secure, highly available and scalable Domain Name Service (DNS) as a built-in feature on its hosting solutions. It is designed to give a reliable and cost-effective way to route Internet websites and applications to IP addresses. Domain name queries are processed within milliseconds, and a robust global network ensures DNS availability. LABUSA DNS service is fully compliant with IPv6 as well DNS is available on all hosting plans.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 99.999% network availability service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Advanced DNS Control
  • Fully Compliant with IPv6
  • Re-route to alternate location if primary endpoint is unavailable.
  • Endpoint health, geographic location, and latency checks

Server Hosting and Colocation Service

A colocation is a type of data center service where the supplier provides the equipment, space, and bandwidth rental to customers. LABUSA Colocation services and facilities offer space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, networking equipment, and 24/7 management and monitoring.

Also, LABUSA can connect client systems to a variety of telecommunications and service providers including public cloud networks. Clients can provide their own equipment to be hosted in our data center or lease our virtual or dedicated systems.

  • Network Operations Center (NOC) 24x7x365
  • Datacenter located in Houston, Texas
  • Shipping and receiving assistance
  • World-class facility featuring redundant architectures (N+1), and best in class personnel and procedures
  • Inventory & labeling services
  • Website accessibility design and consulting.
  • State-of-the-art hosting in certified and audited SSAE 18 SOC compliant 1 & 2
  • Hands-on support including hardware and software installs
  • Network engineering service 

Warranty & Refund

LABUSA uses best practices in every phase of the project and has built a solid reputation for building quality products and being accountable for the results. As such, LABUSA provides warranty services on most products and services to ensure that they are free from bugs and defects. If a defect in workmanship is found after review, LABUSA will repair the defective in a timely fashion.

To help account for the ever-changing digital world, LABUSA highly recommends subscribing to an ongoing digital optimization program which provides ongoing site health checks, backups, security, link checking, validation, and browser checks to ensure the highest quality experience for your site after it goes live. This will help retain and grow the value of your website.

When appropriate, return policies on services rendered will be provided. The specifics of the return policy depend largely on the service in question. All issues are reviewed and handled on a case-by-case basis.


Telephone and email support is included from 7:00am - 6:00pm CT Monday – Friday.
Service has offers 99.999% network availability service level agreements (SLAs) ( LABUSA provides TIPS customers with dedicated experienced personnel to work directly with the client officials toward one common goal – to assure the agency gets the best solutions.
For more information on The Interlocal Purchasing Systems (TIPS) Contracts Program, visit